This is a simple Spring Boot app that is instrumented with Codekvast Agent

The app does not do anything useful.

It contains a number of pages, each one served by a server-side service.

The app is started with Codekvast Agent attached, which means that the invocations of the server-side code are tracked and uploaded to Codekvast Dashboard.

Now I guess that you want to see what data Codekvast Agent is collecting? Normally, you do that by issuing heroku addons:open codekvast from your app's development workspace (or from the Heroku dashboard). That will do a Single-Sign On (SSO) to Codekvast Dashboard using your Heroku credentials, allowing you to browse the data for the instrumented app.

For demonstration purposes, this app is able to perform the same SSO as Heroku. This enables you to immediately kick the tyres of Codekvast without having a Heroku app!

Also for demonstration purposes, this app is configured with a very short collection interval (seconds instead of hours).

Note that Codekvast Dashboard is designed for the desktop!